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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Power EMC?
Green Power EMC is a not-for-profit cooperative founded in 2001 to support EMCs in their search for Georgia renewable resources. Green Power EMC sources, evaluates and sells power purchase agreements for renewable energy on behalf of Georgia’s EMCs.


Where does your renewable energy come from?
Our renewable energy comes from sources all over Georgia, including solar, landfill waste generation, woody biomass, and low-impact hydroelectric. Check our installations section for information on specific renewable resources.  Also, check our solar energy section for more details on our solar initiatives.


How many EMC member-owners have potential to tap into what Green Power EMC has to offer?
The 38 EMCs signed on with Green Power EMC represent more than 4.2 million Georgians. The members of these EMCs are the first consumers in Georgia to be offered environmentally friendly electric power from their electric utilities. Green Power EMC is the largest operational green power program in the Southeastern United States.


Does my EMC get renewable energy from Green Power EMC?
Thirty-eight of the 41 EMCs in Georgia are members and owners of Green Power EMC.  For more details about our EMC participants, see the EMC members map on this web site’s homepage.  Check with your local EMC for specific details on their participation.


What are the benefits of “green power”?

  • No greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels
  • Decreased dependence on imported fuels due to diversified energy portfolio
  • Creation of jobs in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of green power facilities

What is the cost of this environmentally friendly power?
Each Green Power EMC member cooperative has its own price structure. Some participating EMCs offer their members a choice on whether to purchase green power so that only those participating pay the additional cost.  Other EMCs incorporate the total green power purchases into their wholesale power purchases and share the benefits and costs with all members. Renewable energy often costs more than electricity from traditional sources because of the cost of the technologies involved. However, some sources such as solar have seen cost declines and have become more competitive. For specific details on costs, check with your local EMC.


How will I know that "green power" is actually being run into my home?
The renewable energy produced by Green Power EMC is combined with energy from conventional sources for your EMC system. This means that renewable energy is not directly routed to your home, but your EMC is helping support the purchase of additional clean energy and encouraging more investment nationwide in environmentally friendly ways to generate power. Every kilowatt-hour of green power purchased by your cooperative is a kilowatt-hour not produced by other traditional power supply resources. Your energy needs continue to be met reliably and safely by your EMC with no difference in your electric service.



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